It’s Counseling Awareness Month

Whether you call them counselors, therapists, or even “shrinks,” many people wonder what happens in the office of a therapist. April is Counseling Awareness Month, which means that if you’ve wondered if counseling is right for you, it’s a great time to try. There are lots of misconceptions about what happens in a mental health counselor’s office, but the reality is that, most of the time, it is really just a conversation between two people, one of whom is educated in helping people when they are going through difficult times or want to figure something out.

A client who visits a counselor will get help in identifying what he or she would like to address or change in their life. A counselor will not solve your problems, tell you what to do, or impose his or her personal beliefs on your situation.

People who visit a counselor simply want to improve their lives. It is not a weakness, nor is it a crutch. Visiting a counselor shows strength! It shows that you are ready and willing to tackle issues in your life that you want to change. Check your own mental health before visiting a counselor by taking a brief self-assessment at