Sara McGregor-Okroi - Executive Director

Sara McGregor-Okroi is the Executive Director of Aliive-Roberts County. Aliive-Roberts County is a state accredited prevention agency that serves Roberts County and the Lake Traverse Reservation in South Dakota. Her duties include: to ensure effective and professional program facilitation to community youth and families, to provide adult supervision and guidance during program implementation, to empower youth and community members to make healthy life choices, to oversee development, implementation and evaluation of various prevention programs, to facilitate research based programming to “at-risk” community youth and families with program fidelity, develop, maintain and analyze local data to direct agency efforts and resources,  oversee the development of documents and reports, organize and provide presentations to community agencies, schools or businesses on prevention issues and to uphold the overall mission and goals of Aliive-Roberts County, Inc. 


Sara has been working in the prevention field since 2008. She led the expansion of a small task force into the development of a non profit and state accredited prevention agency. Her primary interest lies with the prevention of drug and alcohol abuse among youth, suicide prevention among youth and health promotion enabling youth to make healthier life choices. As a result of Sara’s dedication and leadership, the coverage area now has better communications with key stakeholders surrounding behavioral health in Roberts County and on the Lake Traverse Reservation, funding to ensure the continuation of selected target areas, and the establishment of tribal-non tribal communications and joint work plans to ensure true community involvement and change in regards to youth behavioral health and wellness issues.

Notable Accomplishments

  • Completed CADCA’s National Coalition Institute in 2010.
  • Created, organized, and set up a community coalition. In 2011 the coalition became its own nonprofit organization to continue its work. 
  •  Developed local data sources, collected and reported on data surrounding youth substance abuse and its related consequences.
  • One of 20 participants selected on a national basis to take part in the first School for Prevention Leadership. Successfully completed the program in   May 2012.
  • Multiple successfully funded contracts for Aliive-Roberts County and other non-profit organization. Over $3.8 million in grant dollars secured since 2009.
  • Appointed to the South Dakota Council of Juvenile Services by South Dakota Governor Daugaard in 2013.
  • Appointed to the South Dakota Evidence Based Program Workgroup in 2015.

Graduate School
Capella University, Minneapolis, MN 
Doctorate degree in Public Health-Specializing in Health Advocacy and Leadership
Graduation date of July 2017

Master’s degree in Human Services-Specializing in Public and Community services                                      
Graduation date of September 2012

Undergraduate Degree                                                                                    
University of Minnesota, Moorhead, MN     
BA degree in Sociology and Criminal Justice
Minor in Psychology and Political Science                  
Graduation date of 2001

Contact Information

Sara McGregor-Okroi
Aliive-Roberts County 
Executive Director
401 Veterans Ave
Sisseton, SD 57262
(O) 605-698-3477
(C) 605-265-1467